Hart of Dixie S01E09

1. You know mamma, dadda, I’ve been thinking. We don’t need a separate place in Montgomery for just three days a week! We could play charades every night. I just love charades. Wait, guess this one!!!

2. Pirate mol. You’d look so cute in an eye-patch mama. How dare I? I am not desperate enough to replace her with …. Both you can go to H-E-double-hocky-sticks.

3. Sadly, she doesn’t have time to play pirate. “Pirate booty, i would gladly let you pillage me all day.” Except for the fact that these electrical outlets are very dusty! And it’s electricity y’all. When will everybody else realize, that’s the special relationship. Lemon Breeland slash Edison! Lemon Breeland slash Benjamin Franklin.

4. Shout out to the jewish pirate!ACH-HOY!

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