Galaxy i9300 vs. Jelly Bean

Missing the pano camera, better spell-checkers, more cannonical talk/chat/email UIs? Change the phone’s stock software to closer-to-the-tip of android trunk.


Global version of Samsung Galaxy S3, GT-i9300.


Heimdall, Open Source Cross-Platform Flashing Suite.

Get the sources from github, and build for Fedora 17. You’ll need to install some missing dependenicies:

yum install libusb1-devel qt-devel

build, install, run as root.

First, check to make sure device is found:

heimdall status

should give you:

Device detected

Then, flash via this site.

sudo heimdall flash --recovery recovery.img

The phone reboots. You’ll see SuperSu needs to be updated: do it.

Save anything you need to save on the phone. Reboot into recovery, backup system to internal SD card.

Then, goal is to run supernexus ROM. Download it, transfer file to internal SD card.


Check out Youtube video: “How to Root S3 on Linux.”

Install SuperSu (CHAINFIRE) or Superuser apps from Play store.

Install clockworkmod recovery via App store. Ie, ROM Manager, by CLOCKWORKMOD. Then use it after the phone has been rooted to update to Jelly Bean + Google apps.

Background on running i9300 on USA data networks.

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