Fedora 20 Notes


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yum install -y fedup
fedup --network 20

This chugs for a bit, and then on restart the screen may go black or appear hung on firstboot for
some time before booting into a desktop splash screen. One may need to wait for as long as 45 minutes here, so be chill. Grab a cocktail or go to lunch.

For the mac, you’ll need to create the usual EFI boot disk (netinst and use –efi in iso-usb-to-disk).


Install KDE and MATE

yum install -y @mate-desktop @kde-desktop

Install GNOME classic and tweak tool.

yum install -y gnome-classic-session gnome-tweak-tool

Google earth install via this answer. YMMV.

For USB microscope, software choice is GXSM, GNOME X Scanning Microscopy. Hardware recommends GTK+ UVC Viewer.

yum install -y guvcview

For rdate, install openrdate

yum install -y openrdate

Running openframeworks.080.

Get FaceTracker library. See video explaining it. Get ofxFaceTracker addon for openframeworks.

Things that Don’t Work:

  • bluetooth broken or missing when using MATE desktop. Frankly, bluetooth in *any* desktop is pretty flaky on current linux, but when using MATE it’s missing. This is a known issue with the bluez-libs upgrade to the 5.x version. In ye old days of previous Fedora’s, one could download the srpm for bluetooth-mate and rebuild it, solving everything. This approach doesn’t work with f20, and the suggestion to install bluedevil requires the invocation of the following as root to connect to the previously paired keyboard.

    And then selecting the bluetooth device in the GUI and explicitly connecting.

    Other issues are 1) booting with encrypted drive renders decryption with bluetooth keyboard impossible (Bug 863883) 2) booting to GNOME login screen with bluetooth keyboard impossible (Bug 1056682)
    . Another solution: try KDE.

  • awful default font rendering. See known issues, and switch to a decent default font for system typography.

Previously broken things that may now be fixed, at least on first inspection:

  • high-resolution printing from large format Epson printers. Broken post Fedora 14, initial testing shows progress. But is it now fixed? More as this develops.
  • yum install -y libbdplus
  • wget http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/files/KEYDB.cfg ~/.config/aacs/

Previous install: Fedora 19

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