POD Linux Workflow

Follow these steps with letter or A4 sized layouts. Assuming the input is generated via composition and abuse of pdfunite, and will be called base.pdf

This becomes necessary when the design parameters for the input PDF include a lot of custom typography, complex vector art, and other challenging graphic elements. All of these vector elements are rendered to raster formats at high resolution, and then those rasterized versions are used to print the file.

In order:

    1.  Adobe Acrobat Pro as a re-writer, and save off base-opt.pdf as input for the next step. (optional)
    2. Vector transform: 50% shrink quad-A4 to A4, and then 90-degree rotate from landscape to portrait A4-sized sheet. For USA, substitute letter size for A4. (aka ghostscript-scale-to-a4p-rotate-90-file.sh)
    3. Raster Vector to TIFF: 300 dpi raster versions of complex layouts mandatory for generated forms. (aka ghostscript-drop-each-page-to-pdf.sh)
    4. Convert TIFF to PDF (aka ghostscript-tiff-to-pdf.sh)
    5. Transform individual pages into single file. (aka pdfunite)
    6. Postscript smoothing and flattening. (aka ghostscript-flatten.sh)

The final output is a file transformed-flat.pdf that is used as input to the publisher or physical press.


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