Warhol Outer Space Notes

Visual Work

Looking at four visual themes in Andy Warhol’s art works during the summer of 1965. Four visual themes: grid saturation, grid portraiture, grid black and white tonal variance, and multi-screen, multi-channel mixed-media film work.

Grid Saturation

Flowers, Circa 1965, Arranged 2009

Flowers, Lleana Sonnabend Gallery, Paris, 1965. Now via Gagosian Gallery, see Warhol From The Sonnabend Collection, 2009.

Grid Portraiture
Holly Solomon

Holly Solomon, gelatin silver print, 1965. Now via

Grid B&W Tonal Variance/Deterioration Aesthetic

Cagney, screenprint, 1962

Film and Video

Bruce Conner, Cosmic Ray, premier at Film-Maker’s Cinemateque, 1964-11-30

Andy Warhol, Newsreel, premier at Film-Maker’s Cinemateque, 1964-11-30

Andy Warhol, 13 Most Beautiful Women, premier at Film-Maker’s Cinemateque, 1964-12-07

Vinyl, filmed March 1965.

Poor Little Rich Girl, 70 min, B&W, filmed March-April, 1965, premier at Film-Maker’s Cinemateque, 1965-06-05, five nights, screened with Vinyl.

Beauty #2, filmed early July 1965, premier at Film-Maker’s Cinemateque, 1965-07-17, two nights, screened with Party Sequence for The Poor Little Rich Girl.

Space, filmed summer 1965, premier at Film-Maker’s Cinemateque, 1965-09-17, one night

Outer and Inner Space.


The New Multi-Screen World Infographic, Think With Google, 2012.

Rush, Michael. Video Art. Thames and Hudson, 2007.

Research Notes

Found while researching Andy Warhol, Outer and Inner Space, or any combination of related topics. Notes for future reference.

Background, Film and Video, Ownership, Access, Archives

Andy Warhol gives approval to the Whitney’s the Andy Warhol Film Project at the Whitney and “hands over his original films to MoMA” for cataloging and storage in 1984.

In 1997, the Foundation donated ownership for “most” of AW’s film and video works to the Museum. Also, via the AWFP above, the Museum, MoMA, and UCLA Film and Television Archive gets a copy of each restored print. The Museum currently has 273 films and the entire AW Video Collection (4k tapes). Copies of all television material owned by the Paley Center for Media, NY and LA.

New digitization partnership, accessibility push in 2014 via The Andy Warhol Museum, MoMA, and MPC. Looking to “make accessible approximately 500 titles made between 1963-1972”, including 1k rolls of 16mm, marked for conversion to 2k image format.

The Whitney plans to open the new downtown building in 2016 with a retrospective of Warhol, curated by Donna De Salvo.

Special Collections

Andy Warhol, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NY.

Andy Warhol, SFMOMA, CA

Andy Warhol, Pompidou, Paris, France

Andy Warhol, Art Institute Chicago

Andy Warhol Film Newspaper Advertisements 1964-1970

1965 Chronology
1966 Chronology

The Andy Warhol Museum.

Current Archives Collection Research Requests.

Current Pursuits
Audio tape with Andy Warhol discussing Richard Ekstract and Norelco taping (Tape #1241, Tape #1223).

First issue of “Tape Recording” magazine, a NY magazine about recording founded by Richard Ekstract around 1965.

Picture of Andy Warhol in “HiFi Magazine”, October 3, 1965.

Premier of Outer Inner Space at The Film-makers Cinemateque.

September 29, 1965 “The Underground Party” on the train platform under the Waldorf-Astoria. The party itself is videotaped and played back to guests (Rush, 213)

“I agreed to sponsor the world premiere of these videos in an underground location. The party was held on an unused rail platform underneath the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, adjacent to the tracks of the New York Central Railroad. Guests had to enter through a fire door on East 49th Street and descend two long staircases to reach the tracks, which then had to be crossed to reach the platform. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel was kind enough to run an electric line down to the platform so we could show the work. We had to move in by hand the bulky equipment needed to project the sound and video.” (R.Ekstract, NYC).

The party in the tunnels under the Waldorf Astoria that Richard Ekstract describes so vividly celebrated the premiere of Warhol’s first video with Edie Sedgwick, Outer and Inner Space (R. Dorment, NYRB)

The New York Herald Tribune, on October 3, 1965 has a Sunday edition documenting the opening party of Outer and Inner Space. (Rush, 213)

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