Fedora 19 Notes


San Francisco, California USA

yum install -y fedup
fedup --network 19

This chugs for a bit, and then on restart the screen may go black or appear hung on firstboot for
some time before booting into a desktop splash screen. One may need to wait for as long as 45 minutes here, so be chill. Grab a cocktail or go to lunch.

For the mac, you’ll need to create the usual EFI boot disk (netinst and use –efi in iso-usb-to-disk).


Mostly the same as Fedora 18.

Current desktop is MATE, via

yum install -y @mate-desktop

Install nightingale, the linux fork of Mozilla.org’s Songbird music player.

Install simple-mtpfs, so that linux can play nice with android devices, and natively mount the
phone filesystem and copy files directly to it.

yum install -y simple-mtpfs

Install inkscape-pages,so that inkscape multi-page pdfs can be created.

Current issues:

0) printing with Samsung laser printers

No foo2qpdl package in Fedora 19, which defeats printing setup with certain Samsung printers. Instead, go to the homepage. Download foo2qpdl, compile, install. Then try to set it up with the usual admin tools on Fedora.

1) printing with Epson Large Format inkjets

Unknown if the print quality issues that surfaced > Fedora 14 are fixed or debug-gable. All output still stuck on Fedora 14 for the time being.

2) mtp support for android devices.

Good background page from archlinux. And for Fedora 19, here.

yum install -y simple-mtpfs

Then, assuming device is attached with a USB cable to the powered-on linux workstation:

simple-mtpfs -l

shows something like this for a Nexus 4

Device 0 (VID=18d1 and PID=4ee2) is a Google Inc (for LG Electronics/Samsung) Nexus 4/10 (MTP+ADB).
1: Google Inc (for LG Electronics/Samsung)Nexus 4/10 (MTP+ADB)

Create a mount point on the linux system, here /mnt/drive/1, and mount via

simple-mtpfs /mnt/drive/1

Checking with df -h

df -h


simple-mtpfs             13G  4.6G  8.5G  35% /mnt/drive/1

3) Apple EFI macs and dual booting. Sigh, oh this again.

Previous install: Fedora 18