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The Name Game


According to a delightful entry in the book I Like Your Work: Art and Etiquette, one often-successful conversational gambit in artist-to-artist scenarios is gentle conversation about other artists, preferably ones safely not present.

On the internet, one can never be too safe. So, the criteria morphs to a more restrictive subset: those excellent artists in any medium, now deceased. Older may mean safer, but landmines persist: be careful out there, the road from A to Z can be trecherous. For a bit of added nuance, architects, type designers, etc. are also allowed if those playing the game are so inclined or wish to make an inclusive statement.

Apparently, it is customary to start with the first letter of the alphabet. As such, and without further delay:


Adams, Ansel

Albers, Josef

Alexander, Christopher

Ángel, Abraham

Audubon, John James

Arbus, Diane

Asawa, Ruth


Basquait, Jean-Michel

Beuys, Joseph

Boullée, Étienne-Louis

Brâncuși, Constantin

Bravo, Manuel Álvarez

Burnham, Daniel


Cage, John

Calder, Alexander

Capa, Robert

Cunningham, Imogen


da Vinci, Leonardo

Dalí, Salvador

Daguerre, Louis

Duchamp, Marcel


Eiffel, Gustave

Escher, M.C.


Fee, James


González-Torres, Félix

Goya, Francisco


Hiroshige, Utagawa


Ireland, David


Judd, Donald


Kahlo, Frida

Kahn, Louis

Kiitsu, Suzuki

Klein, William

Klein, Yves


Lissitzky, El


Martin, Agnes

Matisse, Henri


Miró, Joan

Moore, Charles Lee


Nevelson, Louise

Noguchi, Isamu


Obata, Chiura

Oliveira, Nathan


Picasso, Pablo



Rauschenberg, Robert

Ray, Man

Rivera, Diego

Rothko, Mark


Siqueiros, David Alfaro

Siskind, Aaron

Skiold, Birgit

Soleri, Paolo


Talbot, William Fox

Twombly, Cy




Warhol, Andy

Wilfred, Thomas

Wright, Frank Loyd




Zapf, Hermann

(Off the internet, on rare occasion, there is another overlay.)

Gone Awry Goes Kindle, artist’s ebook on amazon

SF Street Food Festival

Asama OG x Nezu Museum x Birgit Skiold






Three visual allies cross space and time to meet for the first time at the Pacific Portal, 2013. Devastation Pacific, San Francisco, California, United States, Earth. At contact, self-identify as allies, murmur these are my people, make plans for a hybrid form.



Set of four stone ensos with guilloche overlays, constructed via the lens of a slow walk through the Nezu Museum teahouse gardens, and committed to copper plates via direct gravure during Crown Point Press 2013 Summer Workshop.

Production Notes

Image Size
329 x 493mm (13 x 19 inches)

Plate Size
329 x 493mm (14 x 22 inches), .041in mirror polished copper plate

Finished Size
90mm borders x 4 sides means approximately 510 x 660mm (20 x 26in)

Plate 0: Zero
Scrap metal, found discard. Backside. Hand filed, uneven: “4eva.” Cancellation mark, “X,” top left of plate. Some Capp street sidewalk surfing scratches at two edges. Modified aquatint with surfer resin drops. Circle, brush, and drip spitbite.
Color: hottest pink || orange-y sepia || 20% prussian

  1. Pink Actual: Charbonnel Solferino Violet (~70%), Charbonnel Rouge Rubis/Ruby “Heart Stealer” Red (~30%), Douglas and Sturges Luster Pigment Pearl White, Douglas and Stuges Bronzing Powder Silvertone, Faust transparent base 2:1
  2. Orange Actual: Charbonnel Cardinal Red (~70%), Charbonnel Apricot Yellow, Douglas and Stuges Bronzing Powder Silvertone, Faust transparent base 2:1
  3. Blue Actual: Charbonnel Prussian Blue, white (~70%), Faust transparent base 1:1

Plate 1: One
One of 4 stone ensos. Direct gravure. Inkscape vector image composition with photo image collage. Photo tinting in photoshop to 2010 curves. Linux higest-resolution-possible-config to Epson 3880 (F18 adair create/F14 chula print configuration). Phoenix Gravure Pigment Paper.
Color: Black, silver, rust.
Color Actual: Charbonnel Black, Faust transparent base 1:1 to less.

Plate 2: Two
One of 3 deboss plates. Deboss/Emboss plates inspired by Birgit Skiold’s “Zen Gardens.” Copper plate, 0.041in scrap metal, discard. Flowjet cutting via TechShop, and the kind help of various mechanical engineering SF Techshop-ians! See Flowjet WaterJet aces, aka, CNC401: CNC Waterjet Cutter SBU – Level 4.

Somerset Velvet Soft White 300g
HM-63 Mohachi 300g (22 x 30″)
MMN-106 Torinoko Black 235g (38 x 74″)
Unknown Hiromi Dark Natural Gampi

The Master Technician
Etching consigliere Ianne Kjorli.

Some printed pieces. Some background on the layering and combinations.


Supreme court strikes down Doma on historic day for gay rights in America
SOMM, the new “Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Sans Soleil, Chris Marker
Royal Space Force/Wings of Honnêamise
Daft Punk, Duh
Lianne La Havas, No Room For Doubt
Joshua Redmond
Spring Breakers, crime art movie
Bling Ring, see above
Epic hating on pinterist
Mourning canceled shows that should have been on TNT, or made with animatronics.

Research Notes

Nezu Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Birgit Skiold, for those who don’t know Swedish pronunciation, Kathan Brown indicates this can be sounded out as “Beer-git Skee-old”
Blythe House Reading Room, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK. See the “Zen and the Art of Print: Birgit Skiold and Japan” show, and “Birgit Skiöld and the Print Workshop” for background on London’s first open-access print workshop.
Anish Kapoor, Untitled
Anish Kapoor, Untiled A

what it looks like inside

hakkasan san francisco

dim sum lunch, who knew?


Useful links into the Getty Research Institute Art and Architecture Thesaurus.

A allover patterns, appraising, ambiguity, antiquities (object genre), arabic numerals, archipelago, anti-art, architectural follies, archives (groupings), artifacts (digital), artifacts (scientific), artificial light, artificial ruins, artists’ books, artists’ collectives, astronomical charts

B brilliant orange, brush stroke,

C cancellation marks, cast shadows, chops, color-field, complexity, collages, complexity (too much), combines, conceptual art, crop marks, criticism, cultural artifacts, cyanotype

D dark archives, derelict buildings, diamond (mineral), diplomacy, distressed type, distressed silvering, drip painting, documentation (activity)

E energy consumption, enso, error, error (post script), error (clipping), error (compression artifact),  error (resolution), electrostatic, exposed frame construction,

F fake, fade, fibonacci numbers, fineness (thinness), flattery, flow, foliation (pattern), found objects, fraud, free form

G gauging plaster, generative art, geometric patterns, gilding (technique), glare, golden hour, golden ratio, guilloche

H hairline, haze, hybridity, hypotrochoid

I ieee-802.11, imperfection, ink washes, intaglio printing, inkjet, intensity (color property), image/text, institutional critique

J jadeite, journeys

K king tide

L laser prints, lapis lazuli (color range), layering, legal instruments, LEDs, light art, line copy, longest night, lost works

M marginalia (annotations), mass production, metallic (color attribute), mistake, maintenance art

N notan, nostalgia

O optical illusion, observatories, opacity,

performance on paper, philippines, photogravure, photographic techniques (alternatives), photocollage, piracies (forgeries), public art, production, production scars


R ray, ripple, radiate, raster graphics, repetition, ruins

S screen printing, sculpture techniques, silent film, silver, swarm, software, social media, sunglint, sumi, sunlight through the day

T tarnish, tidal wave, time, typography, tesselation

U unfinished

V vector graphics, visualization


X xerography



Roden Crater ISO Map, Samuel Freeman, Los Angeles, CA