Hart of Dixie S01E09

1. You know mamma, dadda, I’ve been thinking. We don’t need a separate place in Montgomery for just three days a week! We could play charades every night. I just love charades. Wait, guess this one!!!

2. Pirate mol. You’d look so cute in an eye-patch mama. How dare I? I am not desperate enough to replace her with …. Both you can go to H-E-double-hocky-sticks.

3. Sadly, she doesn’t have time to play pirate. “Pirate booty, i would gladly let you pillage me all day.” Except for the fact that these electrical outlets are very dusty! And it’s electricity y’all. When will everybody else realize, that’s the special relationship. Lemon Breeland slash Edison! Lemon Breeland slash Benjamin Franklin.

4. Shout out to the jewish pirate!ACH-HOY!

Hart of Dixie S01E08, last week yeah but I wuz busy.

Lemon Breeland channels Charlie Chaplin and Bacall in the same episode, scenes apart.

Here’s some of the tantalizing back story, background about the eventual friendship of Zoe Hart and Lemon Breeland. (That will be consummated in the act of Lemon Breeland re-wiring the super sketchy electrical in Dr. Heart’s current residence when she learns of Dr. Hart’s selfless efforts to save her favourite cousin.)

Oh, you don’t know about Lemon Breeland, the master electrician? Hell, move over Dr. Heart, there’s another lady professional in Blue Bell, another bringer of the juice in ‘bama.

It all started when these three were in their junior year at good ole Blue Bell High, and as a prank re-wired their despised English teacher’s house such that every light switch was for the room adjacent. Senior year they had graduated to radio receivers and remote control air vessels, but that still falls under the statute of limitations and so the details will have to remain cryptic. And then there was the hot architect when she was in art school in Savannah, lord knows what a girl has to do to spend some quality time with the right gentlemen in this modern day and age (historical preservation, surgical demolitions, re-wiring, reproduction fixtures, and lots of long nights trying to sound sexy, but not too sexy, about the right circuit being off).

Re-wiring that damn fuse box is child’s play in comparison. Just sayin y’all………..

this sham of a dinner party!