Gone Awry Goes Kindle



Create an experimental electronic artist book for Kindle. Using the Manga/Comic/Graphic Novel example provided as part of Kindle Format 8 Publishing Tools to create the electronic version of Gone Awry.

Use KindleGen and Kindle Previewer to create the electronic edition and check quality. The linux version of calibre is used to check the generated .mobi file, and to tag and edit metadata. Then, upload the generated .mobi file to the Kindle Direct Publishing web-app, and fill in all rest of the metadata in a browser.

From the web app, publishing it on Amazon is easy.


Amazon’s current proprietary format is: Kindle Format 8, or KF8. The file extension is .mobi. The Amazon specifications are in: Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines.

Parts of this also use OPF, the packaging for epub.

Target Display Hardware

Some key data points about display resolution of select current-model e-readers. Plan is to only support color, high-resolution devices.

  • Kindle Fire HD 7″ resolution is 1280 x 800 x 216 ppi8.9″ resolution is 1920 x 1200 x 254 ppi
  • Nexus Tablets 7″ resolution is 1920 x 1200 x 323 ppi (WUXGA, 1.6), 10″ resolution is 2560 x 1600 x 300 ppi (WQXGA, 1.6)
  • iPad 7″ resolution is 1024 x 768 x 163 ppi (XGA, 1.3), 9.7″ resolution is 2048 x 1536 x 264 ppi (QXGA, 1.3)

Versus layout for Gone Awry.

  • Print (19 x 13, 1.46)
  • ebook 1 (19.2 x 12, 1.6)
  • kindle publishing guidelines for fixed layout (1024 x 600 or 1536 x 900 zoom, 1.7)

Image Sizing and Aspect Ratio

First, resize existing .svg base documents in inkscape to the correct aspect ratio. For this project, the aspect ratio is 1.6. Thus, inkscape page sizes are changed from 19 x 13 inches to 19.2 x 12 inches.

This file is then exported as a transparent bitmap, at 2560 x 1600 @ 300dpi.

Next step is to process it in CS6 Photoshop on Mac OS X. The following transforms:

  • Layer->Flatten
  • Image->Image Size to 2560 x 1600
  • File->Save As jpeg, 9, 10, 11 qualities, but adjust to hit below 800k

HTML doc

Re-write example to suit Gone Awry, based on prototyping with a DocBook 5.0 XML form to generate the beginning HTML. Take this, edit the .opf and .ncx files to create a manifest and a table of contents/touch list, and bundle it up with the toplevel “images” directory such that the resulting filenames in the generated “gone-awry.opf” file are correct.

Kindle (KF8) doc

Unpack kindle binaries on linux, and run on the master list of files (the .opf file) as:

kindlegen gone-awry-v2.html -c0 -verbose gone-awry.opf

That should chug along, spewing a bunch of information. Pay attention, and fix any issues. The last bit of information before a successful creation of the .mobi file is related to the file size, and download time. Something like:

Info(prcgen):I1041: The file format version is V8
Info(prcgen):I1032: PRC built successfully
Info(prcgen):I15000:  Approximate Standard Mobi Deliverable file size :   0019466KB
Info(prcgen):I15001:  Approximate KF8 Deliverable file size :   0019526KB

From this, one can make back-of-the-envelope calculations about the royalty rates. For 70% royalties, the publisher must pay Amazon $0.15 per 1MB of .mobi file delivered. Thus, for a 40MB file, the delivery charge would be $6. So, the price would have to be more than this to break even. For 30% royalties, there is no delivery fee so pricing could feasibly drop below $6.


The final book looks like “Gone Awry Kindle Edition” on Amazon’s marketplace.

Future work would be to shift to SVG containers, improving text legibility by un-rasterizing the text or presenting a vector text layer, and look at ways to add “scroll anchors” such that a “page flick” motion would speed through the next couple of pages before alighting on the specified anchor.


Some notes from 2011 on self-publishing.

Current best sellers in the Kindle Store. August graphic novel sales, information, reviews.

Some of the meta-problems with pagination, and mapping electronic books to print books. Some meta-hating on some aspects of the current state-of-the-art.

A Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond. Corey Doctorow, Library of Congress, 2013


2013 + 10 = 2023

2013 + 50 = 2063

2013 + 100 = 2113








二 枚の側面にある狭い二部作。二枚の短冊が中心で交われて一枚の狭い垂直ひもになって、二面の壁があう所に掛かっています。お好みならば、両方の隅で合う平 面が合流点で少し異なる印がありえます。一枚の短冊の広さは90ミリ、 長さは965.2ミリですので、全表面積は90ミリx1930.4ミリです。リサイズした表面のがんぴで手動供給型のインクジェットです。


  • 10、50、100周年の印
  • 月の絵
  • 夕焼けのかけら
  • フェード


広 い二部作。四枚の不規則な大きさの短冊が中心で交われて一つの広い水平面の切り取りが見えるひもになります。一枚の短冊の広さは431.8ミリ、長さは 965.2ミリですので、全表面積は863.6ミリx970ミリです。リサイズした表面のがんぴで手動供給型のインクジェットです。


  • 10周年の印、雲クラスター
  • 2周年の印、明るい格子
  • サンフランシスコからロスまでの飛行機雲
  • サメのひれの帆
  • フェード
  • 結び目の飛行機雲
  • 回帰シミュレーション等



狭 い二部作。二枚の短冊が中心で交われて一枚の狭い垂直ひもになって、二面の壁があう所に掛かっています。お好みならば、両方の隅で合う平面が合流点で少し 異なる印がありえます。一枚の短冊の広さは90ミリ、 長さは965.2ミリですので、全表面積は90ミリx1930.4ミリです。リサイズした表面のがんぴで手動供給型のインクジェットです。


  • 100周年の印
  • 月の絵
  • 100対1のフクロウ
  • フェード


広 い三部作。三枚の長い短冊がへりで交われて、一枚の水平面のひもになります。その三枚の中に一枚は部分が切り取られました。一枚の短冊の広さは431.8 ミリ、長さは965.2ミリですので、全表面積は1295.4ミリx970ミリです。リサイズした表面のがんぴで手動供給型のインクジェットです。


  • 1、2、10、50、100周年の印
  • 100対1の要素
  • 100対1のフクロウ
  • 月の絵
  • カリフォルニアの夕焼けのかけら
  • フェード
  • 太陽の閃光




宮寺雷太、曽我彩華、わべ まい, ベンジャミン ・デ・ コズニク


東京都中央区銀座1丁目3番地3号 銀座西ビルヂング




紙は高知の和紙です。KM-04 Surface Gampi Naturalはカリフォルニア州サンタモニカ市のHiromi Paper International会社から調達しました。

カリフォルニア州サンフランシスコ市Capp通りのDevastation Pacificビルで印刷されました。

English language version of this page: The Anniversary Project.

a future technique

Notes on The Anniversary Project

2013 + 10 = 2023

2013 + 50 = 2063

2013 + 100 = 2113


Two horizontal pieces, each with accompanying vertical ensigns. Large format screenprints on Japanese paper.

Each piece contains at least one unique mark indicating an anniversary year. There are one, two, ten, fifty, or hundred year anniversary year marks to choose from. Some of the pieces contain multiple marks: a joint hundred-and-fifty year anniversary. A combined ten-, fifty-, and hundred-year anniversary. A massed cloud of ten-year anniversaries. A broken grid of two year marks.

In theory, this is similar to the numerology behind the Japanese festival Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3), but for older people and spanning much wider spans of years, including multiple generations. So, one version is 100-10-2.  Another version is 100-50-10.

The hundred-year anniversary of John Cage’s birth. The fifty-year anniversary of the favorite dojo opening. A ten-year wedding anniversary. Two-year anniversary of Tohoku tsunami, the two-year anniversary of the Syrian uprising. A child’s first birthday.


Cali Blue Horizon Ensigns, 2013

Two narrow diptychs, flanking. Two strips of paper, joined in the middle to form one narrow vertical band and hung where two walls meet. If desired, both planes that meet at the corner can each have a slightly different ensign at the meeting point. Size is 90mm x 965.2mm for each strip, so a total surface area of 90mm x 1930.4mm. Hand-fed inkjet on re-sized surface gampi.

Composition elements include:

  • 010, 050, 100 anniversary elements
  • moon painting
  • sunset fragments
  • fades

Cali Contrails, 2013

Wide diptych. Four irregularly-sized sheets of paper, joined in the middle to form one wide horizontal band with visible cuts. Size is 431.8mm x 965.2mm for each sheet, so a total surface area of 863.6mm x 970mm. Hand-fed inkjet on re-sized surface gampi.

Composition elements include:

  • 010 anniversary element, cloud clusters
  • 002 anniversary element, radiant grid
  • San Francisco to Los Angeles contrails
  • sharkfin sails
  • fades
  • knot line contrails
  • type regression simulations


Cali Blue Moon Ensign, 2013

Narrow diptych. Two strips of paper, joined in the middle to form one narrow vertical band and hung where two walls meet. If desired, both planes that meet at the corner can each have a slightly different ensign at the meeting point. Size is 90mm x 965.2mm for each strip, so a total surface area of 90mm x 1930.4mm. Hand-fed inkjet on re-sized surface gampi.

Composition elements include:

  • 100 anniversary elements
  • moon painting
  • 100-to-1 owls
  • fades

A Future Technique, 2013

Wide triptych. Three long sheets of paper, one with a section cut out, joined at the edges to form one wide horizontal band. Size is 431.8mm x 965.2mm for each sheet, so a total surface area of 1295.4mm x 970mm. Hand-fed inkjet on re-sized surface gampi.

Composition elements include:

  • 001, 002, 010, 050, 100 anniversary elements
  • 100 to 1 element
  • 100 to 1 owls
  • moon painting
  • cali sunset fragments
  • fades
  • sunglint

As shown:

Awards Winners Exhibition
Miyadera Raita, Soga Sayaka, Wabe Mai, Benjamin De Kosnik
April 22-27, 2013
Gallery West, Ginza 1-3-3, Chuo-ku,Tokyo, Japan.

Production Notes:

Paper is from Kochi, Japan. “KM-04 Surface Gampi Natural” sourced via Hiromi Paper International in Santa Monica, CA.

Printed at Devastation Pacific, Capp Street, San Francisco, CA.

Japanese language version of this page: 周年のプロジェクト.


Permutations of



Cali Sunset Fragments/Moon Paintings:

And then, what?

1. page size is:

a. A2 == 594 x 420 mm or 23.4 x 16.5 inches

b. C == 432 x 559 mm or 17 x 22 inches

b. A3+/SuperB 13×19″ == 330 x 483 mm or 13 x 19 inches

2. plate size is

a. if direct-gravure, then really size is what I can manually-feed through 3880

Maybe 17 x 22, via

13677 18×24″ Engravers Copper Plate

or maybe 12 x 18?

Engraving copper plate sizes from graphic chemical

b. if solarplate use

12835 Solarplate 16 x 20″ from graphic chemical

3. technique

a. direct gravure. manual feed polished plate through epson 3880 or other. Inkjet directly onto copper plate. See this article from Paulson-Bott about it.

Some background: Chuck Close Learning Resources. Magical Secrets background on Gravure and Photoetching.

1. UV cure resist

There appear to be UV cure inks for Epson, but this may be a thing where it would be better to have UV-printheads and non-UV printheads.

Also needed are some kind of curing/light source for exposure (probably).

2. PCB board etch

See full spectrum offer. See inkjet-direct PCB. Lots of hobbyist pages on using this for PCB, not direct-plate. But likey can use this technique. Also, holla!

b. inkjet to transparencies, use to overlay solarplate.

c. figure out a way to apply silkscreen photo emulsion to copper plate and use like solarplate, aka create-your-own solarplate. For zero gray values may be possible.

Look at using eco-grow LED lights for light source.