Notes on Generative, openFrameworks


Processing, openFrameworks are related. For Processing, see Casey Reas at UCLA.

See: Hello, Processing! For a beginning.

Some people: Casey Reas (west), Ben Fry (east). Via John Maeda. Chris Reilly (west), Chandler McWilliams


Base is ulloa config, Fedora 18 on x86_64. Secondary is Fedora 17 on x86_64. Note, you’ll need to have a video card and driver suitable for running OpenGL. Intel graphics are easy, Nvidia can be done but will need to use proprietary drivers, and not the default nouveau driver.

Follow notes from openframeworks site for linux/64 install, starting with going into the Fedora scripts directory:

cd /home/bkoz/src/openframeworks.v0073_linux64/scripts/linux/fedora

And then:

sudo ./

sudo ./

These should install some packages, if the codeblocks IDE and some of the development packages for audio or video codecs aren’t already installed. Then, do this script, which may start compiling things:

sudo ./

Some editing/slight work-arounds for cairo includes, means using CXXFLAGS=”-I/usr/include/cairo” or doing the following small patch:

*** libs/openFrameworks/graphics/ofCairoRenderer.h.orig 2012-12-28 15:48:06.649358899 -0800
--- libs/openFrameworks/graphics/ofCairoRenderer.h      2012-12-28 15:48:59.502292659 -0800
*** 1,10 ****
#pragma once

! #include "cairo-features.h"
! #include "cairo-pdf.h"
! #include "cairo-svg.h"
! #include "cairo.h"
#include "ofMatrix4x4.h"
--- 1,10 ----
#pragma once

! #include "cairo/cairo-features.h"
! #include "cairo/cairo-pdf.h"
! #include "cairo/cairo-svg.h"
! #include "cairo/cairo.h"
#include "ofMatrix4x4.h"

After applying the patch, the dependency-making script above should complete without error. It will probably end with something that looks like:

to launch the application

cd bin

Instead, go up a level and run the

script, and then then


If everything has gone correctly, then the last script( will throw up window after window of delicious OF candy, fun to watch. To go on to the next example, close the topmost window.

If you get to this point, then the preliminary setup should be correct.

linux tcp examples failing, start tcp server? kill firewall? punch holes for openframeworks ports?

Examine Examples

Open up the example project files within the Codeblocks IDE.

Start hacking

Put all projects into the compiled openframeworks directory, in the “apps” subdirectory.


0. Form+Code website, links

1. Generative Design website, code page table of contents.

2. openprocessing website, community site.

3. openFrameworks website.

4. ofauckland, ofxCairo examples for linux


5. Golan Levin is or was an openframeworks user

6. memo’s libs (MSA libs) on github. Download, then copy into your addons directory.

7. toxiclibs, another good lib

8. podcast on creative coding

9. cinder, which is another, alternative framework not based on processing.

10., another good meta-site