Permutations of



Cali Sunset Fragments/Moon Paintings:

And then, what?

1. page size is:

a. A2 == 594 x 420 mm or 23.4 x 16.5 inches

b. C == 432 x 559 mm or 17 x 22 inches

b. A3+/SuperB 13×19″ == 330 x 483 mm or 13 x 19 inches

2. plate size is

a. if direct-gravure, then really size is what I can manually-feed through 3880

Maybe 17 x 22, via

13677 18×24″ Engravers Copper Plate

or maybe 12 x 18?

Engraving copper plate sizes from graphic chemical

b. if solarplate use

12835 Solarplate 16 x 20″ from graphic chemical

3. technique

a. direct gravure. manual feed polished plate through epson 3880 or other. Inkjet directly onto copper plate. See this article from Paulson-Bott about it.

Some background: Chuck Close Learning Resources. Magical Secrets background on Gravure and Photoetching.

1. UV cure resist

There appear to be UV cure inks for Epson, but this may be a thing where it would be better to have UV-printheads and non-UV printheads.

Also needed are some kind of curing/light source for exposure (probably).

2. PCB board etch

See full spectrum offer. See inkjet-direct PCB. Lots of hobbyist pages on using this for PCB, not direct-plate. But likey can use this technique. Also, holla!

b. inkjet to transparencies, use to overlay solarplate.

c. figure out a way to apply silkscreen photo emulsion to copper plate and use like solarplate, aka create-your-own solarplate. For zero gray values may be possible.

Look at using eco-grow LED lights for light source.