Oh So That’s How You Do It



I’m consistently a failure at any kind of practical art practice.

As just one example, I didn’t quite get that one is supposed to have an artist web site these days. Partly that is due to my own confusion about being an artist and not owning that identity. That part is on me. Partly that is pure ignorance about art-world expectations and best practices. This part is now happily solved.

After taking a bunch of art-professionalization classes at Creative Capital, I’ve decided to adopt a new approach to my art on the web. Namely, an artist web site that follows the best practices established in the Web Site, Blog, and Email Essentials webinar.

aka benjamin.dekosnik.com

If I applied for an art grant in the dark ages before Sue Schaffner showed me the light, and you are a grant reader directed to links on this website, do yourself a favor. Read the artist website first.


Michael Chang x Benjamin De Kosnik collaboration plate, Crown Point Press 2013 Workshop