Cartography Futures

1.dymaxion to authagraph to myriahedral projections
Buckminister Fuller and co-cartographer Shoji Sadao, designed an alternative projection map, called the Dymaxion map. Since then, several other projections have been proposed that evolve the idea of map projections in a similar manner. Favorites are:
2. new approaches to population density, use natural earth data and then read the shapefile with python


4. geospatial python


5. example api

Ben Fry Geospatial

Processing started with a map of zip codes. Since then, Ben Fy has made some extraordinary maps of the United States, a few of which are listed below.

1. zipdecode. How does the postal code numbering work in the United States?

2. allstreets.

Visual ChangeLog as Obelisk v10

visual_change_obelisk-10.09 visual_change_obelisk-10.05.scale visual_change_obelisk-10.06

Platform Cooperativism, Blockchain Notes

See New School’s site, A summary. For the use of block chain and arts, see A Bitcoin for Digital Art.

And Monegraph. Also on vimeo and Facebook. See also Electric Objects, Daylighted, Artsy.

On the video side: Nameless,, Electric Arts Intermix, Video DataBank. Or, YouTube and or bittorrent on the pirate side. And, research catalogue, figure/ground on the public archive side.

Fuck War 1996-2001 via 2015


Visual ChangeLog as Obelisk v7

visual_change_07.02 visual_change_07.02.stripe

Visual ChangeLog as Stele

visual_change_04.01.a visual_change_04.01.b visual_change_04.02.a visual_change_04.02.b visual_change_04.03.a visual_change_04.03.b visual_change_04.04.a visual_change_04.04.b visual_change_04.05.a visual_change_04.05.b